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Copies of the sermons can be purchased at the sound booth. You,will need to,specify the date and speaker and we will create a CD just for you!

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04/01/2018Pastor Erpelding How Can These Things Be?
Sunday Evening
Download Bro_Erpelding_04-01-18.mp3
03/28/2018Pastor Erpelding Pitching Your Tent
Wednesday Evening
Download Bro_Erpelding_03-28-18.mp3
03/25/2018Pastor Erpelding The Door
Sunday Evening
Download Bro_Erpelding_03-25-18_PM.mp3
03/21/2018Preachathon Preachathon
Wednesday Evening
Download Preachathon_03-21-18.mp3
03/18/2018Pastor Erpelding Enlisting for War
Sunday Evening
Download Bro_Erpelding_03-18-18_PM.mp3
03/14/2018Pastor Erpelding What About You?
Wednesday Evening
Download Bro_Erpelding_03-14-18.mp3

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